Many people dread the beginning of the month when they receive the bills in the mail.  One of the most dreaded bills to arrive will be the electric bill.  When we look at our electric bill, we tend to see that it is really high or really low.  The reason for this is mainly because of our heating and cooling use.  This is why it is important that we keep track of our electric bill.

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Set a standard temp

The best thing to do to get electric bills under control is set a temperature for your house that you can live with and won’t run the electricity as much.  If the temp is kept at around seventy degrees, then we won’t be running our power and still keeping our house cool.

Turn off lights

Another thing that you can do is turn off your lights.  If you run lights in rooms that you are not using, then you are just wasting electricity.  You want to have some lights on for security reasons and you want to use energy efficient lighting.  However, the best thing that you can do is just turn off the lights to preserve electricity.

Maintain systems

You want to make sure your heating and cooling systems are well maintained. Purchasing regular maintenance contracts from professionals at places like Howard Air is a good way to ensure your AC units are functioning at their best. Machines that get regular checkups will use the least amount of electricity.

Know your usage

Finally, just know what it is you are using your power on and why.  If you find that you are just wasting power on devices and areas you are not really getting benefit form, consider turning them off or coming up with different solutions to help keep your bills low.