Millions of Americans admit they have used drugs on at least one occasion but as statistics prove, many go on to use on a regular basis and may even develop addictions to the drug. That is not hard to do and once a person is addicted, getting free is not so simple. But why do people start using drugs in the first place? It seems like people know better, or is that not the case?

Common reasons people turn to illicit drugs include:

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·    They think that it cannot happen to them. Only ‘other people’ become addicts or overdose while using drugs. They think they can stop whenever they want and know exactly what to do.

·    People use drugs when they are crying for help and need someone to reach out to show they care.

·    Sometimes people use drugs because of peer pressure. They want to fit in and be included in the crowd.

·    Boredom may cause a person to turn to drugs. It may seem odd that a person would turn to drugs because they are bored but it happens so very often.

·    Undiagnosed mental illness may also cause a person to turn to drugs and/or alcohol to help deal with these conditions when medications are not available.

·    Traumatic experiences, hurt and pain cause a lot of people to use drugs to stop these difficult emotions.

·    Looking for a way to relax and unwind after a long, hard day at work or after other stressful events.

·    Pressure at school, work, or with friends can lead a person to drug use when it becomes overwhelming to this person.

If you are addicted to drugs or know someone who is, help is available from inpatient drug and alcohol treatment orlando. Take the first step, the most difficult step, and a lifetime of joy lie ahead.